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At Hayward, we believe that a healthy environment is necessary for the well-being of our people and our businesses and is the foundation for a sustainable and strong economy.

Our products allow customers to reduce energy usage by


chlorine usage by


and water usage by



At Hayward, we believe that a healthy environment is necessary for the well-being of our people and our business, and is the foundation for a sustainable and strong economy.

We are committed to monitoring our environmental impacts and reducing our footprint where possible, all while encouraging our stakeholders to do the same.

Scope 1 2,951 15%
Fleet 1,053 5%
Site Fuel 1,705 9%
Site Refrigerants 192 1%
Scope 2 (location-based) 16,256 85%
Total 19,207 100%
FY2021 GHG emissions footprint pie chart.
Our first greenhouse gas emissions analysis was calculated using the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard.

Across our operations, we minimize waste by recycling and follow a closed loop model to repurpose process yield for reuse in production, avoiding consumption of virgin material. We also recycle our waste through resale to avoid disposal.


paper icon Standard Material Waste

Paper, pallets, tonnage of waste generated by operations

gears icon Scrap Reuse

Closed loop scrap repurposing for materials reuse

recycle icon Resale of Scrap Metal

Materials resold at salvage value

We've also installed motion-activated lighting at all distribution and manufacturing facilities so that we're only using electricity when needed. At our facility in Wuxi, China, we completed the installation of solar panels that generate 20% of our electrical power in June 2022, reducing our carbon emissions by 1790 tons annually.

Within our own operations, as of 2022, 70% of our molding machines are fully electric or hybrid, resulting in a 20-40% energy savings compared to typical hydraulic machine use. We are expanding our electric molding machine fleet with more machines migrating to electric every year. Within our facilities, we are moving away from propane fueled fork trucks to electric power and integrating tuggers to replace forklifts with the capability of carrying multiple loads in one trip.

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Hayward maintains a longstanding relationship with approximately 900 suppliers and we pride ourselves on having an average relationship of over 15 years across our top 30 suppliers and a 40+ year relationship with our top vendors. We have 10+ year relationships with 9 out of our top 10 suppliers, with an average of 19 years of supply continuity.

We have dedicated supply chain employees who manage global sourcing, strategic consolidation and supplier relationships and regularly perform an audit on any new supplier. In 2021, we launched a new initiative to partner with minority and female-owned businesses as direct materials and services supply partners.

When it comes to materials sourcing, up to 10% of all resin used in many of our products consist of recycled material, avoiding purchases of up to 3 million pounds as of 2021. We set internal targets on an annual basis to track our recycling within our own manufacturing to continue to reduce our impacts across our supply chain.

hand holding recycled materials


tons of leftover manufacturing materials recycled annually


tons of resin material recycled annually

Up to 10%

of every thermoplastics product is composed of recycled materials


Our ESG strategy and efforts are guided by the below pillars.

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Environmentally Sustainable Products

Product Safety

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Environmental Management (GHG, Energy, Water, Waste)

Responsible Supply Chain & Materials

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Employee Health, Well-being & Engagement

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Business Ethics

Board Diversity & Independence

Data Privacy & Security

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